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What type of parking do you want to purchase?

Parking is available to Super Bowl LII ticket holders only.

Tailgating is not allowed.

Currently oversized vehicle parking for the general fans is not available at the downtown parking locations. Please park at the University of Minnesota and ride the Green Line to the U.S. Bank Stadium. Each fan will need to purchase, in advance, a Gameday Fan Express Pass to U.S. Bank Stadium.

Cars / SUV Parking

The Car/SUV parking type is for vehicles that fit within a standard size parking space. Please note the clearance of parking ramps when selecting your parking location. Due to the distance of some locations, you may be required to purchase a Gameday Fan Express Pass to complete your journey to U.S. Bank Stadium. This will be noted when viewing parking location options. Refunds or exchanges are not permitted so please review your selection carefully before purchasing.

Limo / Van Parking

Limo/Van parking type includes any vehicle under 20’. This includes but is not limited to a limousine, sprinter van or luxury 15 passenger van. In addition, any vehicles that have been modified to now be an oversized vehicle will need to purchase a Limo/Van parking permit. This includes personal passenger trucks that have been "lifted".

Mini Bus Parking

Mini Bus is generally under 30’ and seats under 40 passengers.

Bus Parking

Buses include school buses, motor coaches and generally seats 50 passengers. RV’s are not allowed in the bus parking locations.

Requirements for ADA Parking

If you do not have an ADA state issued placard, please select a different vehicle type.

The placard is ONLY valid when being used by the person with the disability or someone who is driving the person with the disability. It is a violation of state law to use the placard or plates for a disabled parking spot without the person with the disability in the vehicle. A representative will call to verify your state issued placard information. The parking permit will be canceled if the information cannot be verified.